Your passion and purpose is something you build.

Explore entrepreneurship and build your innovative mindset through a passion project at the WISE Thought Accelerator! This partnership between the D’Amore-McKim School of Business and WISE is a one-week program for female and non-binary students interested in pursuing their passions through the lens of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship (WISE) is a student-led community at Northeastern University dedicated to uplifting female and non-binary innovators, creators, and trailblazers. WISE fosters an authentic space to connect, explore, and grow through an entrepreneurial lens.

The brand-new WISE Thought Accelerator has been built to show high school students the power of their ideas and how they can build ventures and projects out of their hobbies and interests. WISE cultivates a supportive community among participants so that students can freely develop their ideas, learn the basics of entrepreneurship, and shape future projects and aspirations.

What is a passion project? A passion project is built off of a topic or issue you want to solve— it can be a nonprofit, blog, podcast, research project, or whatever you want it to be! Explore some examples of projects that have come through WISE’s programming.

Overseen by Faculty Expert, Betsy Ludwig, MBA, Executive Director, Women’s Entrepreneurship 

Learning Outcomes

Think, Ideate, Create

Work with WISE’s mentors to turn your passion into an idea and develop your project goals. Learn how to articulate your passions, how those passions relate to “pain points” in the world, and how you might use entrepreneurship to solve those problems. In essence, “entrepreneurship” will be “demystified”.

Learn from Student Founders

Get resources from and hear the experiences of numerous women founders and innovators at Northeastern, including Hannah Chaouli, Anna Rychlik, Rachel Domb, Fernanda Lopez, Michelle Beaudette, and Emily Herrera. (More to be announced soon!)

Learn from Female Leaders

Hear directly from female leaders, including Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, an Egyptian-American scientist, entrepreneur, author and AI thought leader on a mission to bring emotional intelligence to our digital world. More leaders to be added soon!

Develop your entrepreneurial mindset

Learn “soft skills” like how to communicate with confidence and negotiation, and some “hard skills” like the basics of coding, reading financial statements, pricing strategy, and market segmentation. These skills will be taught by inspirational guest speakers from around the world. Students will also learn about iconic female founders and leaders who are paving the way in all industries, or have made a historical impact on women-centered innovation.

Build relationships with like-minded students and future leaders

Meet other driven high school students and provide feedback on their projects. Also, take part in fun, socially-distant bonding activities and personal development opportunities around Boston.

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Program Tuition

The program tuition is $1,995. This includes: program tuition, course materials, lunch daily, and limited social activities as COVID policies allow

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