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Community Success is a Team Sport

High school and Community-Based Organizations 

We strive to make our programs financially accessible. All admitted students are considered for need-based aid. Our financial aid awards are typically in the form of scholarships or program discounts. However, we know that sometimes even need-based aid does not adequately fill the need for some students and their families.  

This is why we have partnered with high schools and community-based organizations to form an equitable financial aid model for the students they choose to partially or fully sponsor. We believe community success is a team sport. It is our hope that with the combined support of a sponsor from their school or local community involvement, the Northeastern-guaranteed need-based aid and their family’s contribution that we can collectively help a low-income student get the access, exposure and experience they need before making the tough decision of where to attend undergrad and what to study when the time comes.  

Summer Opportunities Fairs 

Is your high school or community-based organization organizing a Summer Opportunities Fair? Let us know! We would love to participate.  

An Event Like No Other  

We invite you to join Northeastern University at our Pre-College Fair on December 7, 2023 from 4-6 p.m. EST at the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute. Our dynamic fair will showcase the unique pre-college programs available to middle school and high school students. The event will include an optional tour of our campus in the heart of Boston. Visit our About Us page to learn more.  

To receive more information about our partnership opportunities, click the Learn More button above or email us at precollegeprograms@northeastern.edu

We appreciate our partners!