Oakland Student Life

Learn about the Northeastern campus, housing, dining, and social activities for Accelerate students.  


In close proximity to San Francisco, Berkeley, and Silicon Valley, Northeastern University Oakland provides a distinctly “West Coast” experience on a lush, 135-acre campus on the edge of the Oakland hills. Outside of curfew hours, students can explore Northeastern’s Oakland Campus. Students do not leave campus unsupervised but they will have the opportunity to experience the Bay Area through field trips and chaperoned social activities


Students are housed in a residence hall on Northeastern’s Oakland campus. Students typically have a roommate and share a bathroom with hallmates. Enrolled students can request a roommate through their program form. Accelerate Pre-College Programs prioritizes the safety and supervision of students. Northeastern staff live in the residence hall and students are required to be in the residence hall by 10:00 p.m. each evening. More specific information about the residence hall will be shared with enrolled students.


Meals are included in the program tuition and may be held in the dining hall, catered, or feature local eateries. In the program form, enrolled students will have the opportunity to disclose any dietary allergies, restrictions, and preferences. Accelerate staff work closely with NU Dining to ensure, to the best of their ability, that each student’s dining restrictions and preferences are met.

Social Activities   

At the start of the program, all students participate in robust orientation and welcome events. Throughout the program, students will also have the option to participate in various evening and weekend social activities. These activities will include options on campus such as arts and crafts as well as off campus events exploring the greater Bay Area.​



Northeastern welcomes requests for student accommodations, (academic, ADA, dietary, religious, or other) from students and their families. Northeastern values and is sensitive to individual needs, and will work to accommodate reasonable requests where possible and practicable. Prior to enrollment, students and families should contact us via email preocollegeprograms@northeastern.edu to discuss possible accommodations.​