“Attending the Northeastern Accelerate Precollege Program was by far the best thing I did with my summer. I wanted to find a meaningful and interesting use of my time over my junior summer break, which is how I came across the Northeastern Accelerate: Pre-College Programs. Being heavily interested in environmental issues and a career in environmental economics, the Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Energy seemed like a perfect program for me, and it was. Our lectures with a world-renowned electrochemistry professor were fascinating, and the passion that all of our professors had for the subject matter was almost palpable. Sometimes it felt surreal to have someone so knowledgeable talking to me about a topic I cared so deeply about.
Eating lunch at Rebecca’s cafe after lecture with my friends, building batteries, exploring Northeastern’s beautiful and bustling campus, and having karaoke pajama parties in my dorm room consisted of some usual activities that made up my day. Additionally, all of our semi-nightly trips around Boston gave me a real taste of the city which I appreciated and enjoyed.
The friendships and relationships I made and have maintained from the precollege program are some of the most important ones I have in my life. It was an unexpected surprise that I would make some of my closest friends at this program, ones that I still keep in touch with after so many months.
Living in a real dorm away from home, handling my finances, managing work for the course, and establishing relationships on my own has taught me more about independence, growth, and responsibility than any other experience I’ve had. I know this program has prepared me for college and future endeavors, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to spend two weeks learning and growing at Northeastern.”

Julia Sucov
Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Energy, Summer ’19

“To be completely honest, there are no words that can fully describe my experience at Northeastern’s Accelerate: Pre-College Programs. When first applying, I intended to solely focus on academics. I had no intention of making friends or becoming close with my roommate. Although, during my time at Northeastern I made friendships and connections that I never want to lose. What originally drew me to the program was me looking for a second chance, to prove that I wasn’t just another average student. I strongly believe that Northeastern provided me with that opportunity. While I was at Northeastern, I originally only applied for one session where I would take Hacking IoT course. During that class, my knowledge and understanding of coding and IoT were always being pushed to its limits. The classes were designed to give students real college experience, classes were from 9 am-5 pm. To me, this experience really opened my eyes, even though I am currently a junior in high school, college isn’t that far away. Northeastern is a place where I wanted to be, a place I still want to be at so I have no other choice but to strive for absolute greatness so that I can continue being a part of the Northeastern family.”

Farah Abdullah
Engineering Innovation & Design and Hacking the Internet of Things, Summer ’19

“I can truly say that my two weeks at Northeastern were the best two weeks of my life. I had the privilege of attending lectures taught by actual professors, engaging in community outreach, and participating in health care solutions. I loved being exposed to simulation labs and getting to work with other students who were interested in Health Sciences. We had the opportunity to become CPR certified and even practice intubating and suturing with the help of well-educated professors and university students. My absolute favorite part of the entire program was the opportunity to interact with patients and nurses through the Bouve Van. It was fascinating to see the holistic care that nurses do and how they communicate with patients. This experience has confirmed for me that I want to be a nurse and I am so thankful that I was given this opportunity. During this program, I was able to stay in the dorms and get a real feel for what life in college, specifically what life in Boston would be like. My favorite social activities were the teambuilding at Boda Borg and our night at the Esplanade listening to music by the water. Through this program, I gained a sense of independence and a longing for adventure in the city. But best of all, I gained great friends who shared my love of medicine. I am so thankful that Northeastern gave me the chance to have this life-changing experience. I now can honestly say that I feel prepared for my college adventure after my experience at Northeastern University.”

Kaitlyn Doughty
Innovations in Health Sciences & Health Professions, Summer ’19

“Northeastern University’s Accelerate: Pre-College Programs was a remarkable summer experience. I attended the Experiential Entrepreneurship program where I was immersed into Northeastern’s powerful tactics of joint academic and experiential learning. In just two weeks, my class and I were able to put together a startup company beginning with a basic problem to presenting the idea in a mock Shark Tank pitch deck. I appreciated working with an amazing group of leaders that helped me understand the necessary communication skills needed for an entrepreneur and their business. I was very fortunate to be surrounded by many different cultures and perspectives from all around the world in just a short period of time. Combine all of this with the number of mentors available and the companies we had access to, on and off campus; including Northeastern’s awesome Idea Club, I was able to grow my network base with experienced entrepreneurs. I have been able to act on my new entrepreneurial skills in my senior year DECA project. I am building a program to educate other business students who want to go onto an entrepreneurship path and gain hands on experience with existing companies in our community. The social activities in the Northeastern Pre-College Program, gave the students the opportunity to experience the “College Life” and visit the amazing historical sites of Boston! This program definitely opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that Northeastern and the world of entrepreneurship has to offer.”

Anna Plumb
Experiential Entrepreneurship, Summer ’19

“I have been in love with drawing and illustration for as long as I can remember. At the beginning of my junior year, I grew interested in summer programs because I felt like they could give me exposure to college majors and potential jobs in the art and design field.  I chose Northeastern’s Accelerate: Pre-College Programs because I had my eye on the school, I was planning to apply and loved its varied design majors. Each class that I’d experience would further my knowledge in the design field and help me explore new principles of design. To my surprise, this program taught me so much more than I expected and connected me with so many amazing people.
Each class I attended was a pleasure. The teachers were extremely skilled in their craft and brought a passion to the classroom that I have yet to see anywhere else. Before Northeastern, I had never been introduced to photography and was unaware of its mechanics. Throughout the course, I found myself growing excited towards the medium and unearthed a completely new component in my artistic repertoire. After this program, I decided to enroll in a photography class at school and continue to take photos. I found the Design Discovery program to be diverse as well, covering topics ranging from life drawing to furniture design. The courses forced me to step out of my comfort zone and experience new mediums. Some of the work I completed at Northeastern is also being used in my college portfolio which is awesome! All in all, my experience with the Design Discovery Program was fun, inspiring and gave me a taste of college life that is irreplaceable.
Another incredible part of Northeastern’s Accelerate: Pre-College Programs was the fellow students and counselors I met. Our teacher’s assistant was sweet, kind, and supportive. I drew inspiration and drive from each of my fellow design students and teachers.  I am still in contact with all the friends I made during my time at Northeastern. The directors of the program set up entertaining social events that brought everyone together. I could talk for hours about all the memories I made with my friends late at night or in and around Boston. I have severe food allergies to milk, eggs, and beef and I am happy to report that I enjoyed the food options Northeastern has to offer as well! I felt at home in Boston and this is all thanks to this superb program.”

Charlie Allan
Design Discovery, Summer ’19

“I went into Northeastern’s Engineering Innovation and Design program knowing nothing but basic Java. However, when I left I had grown as an engineer, having learned C++ as well as how to work with Arduino. The program supplemented the academic learning with insights into different career options. The professors played an important role in helping me understand how I can combine my interest in Biology, coding and Engineering into a rewarding career. The interaction with current engineering students at Northeastern allowed me to learn about the academic and social life at the University. This program has helped me focus my interests and will enable me to plan my courses in high school to better prepare myself for higher education.
Though I had visited Northeastern prior to this program as my sister studies there, this is the first time I was able to experience a college campus on my own. These two weeks on my own gave me a glimpse of independent living and college level academics in a real-life university setting. The daily social activities allowed me to make friends with people with similar interests. Spending all day, every day with them, created a special bond. I loved exploring Boston during our off-campus trips and have come to realize how much I love this city and can see myself attending college there. The field trips to MassCEC and Hasbro were amazing. I got to meet professionals and see how engineering applies to everything from windmills to play-doh. It is an integral part of our life and provides me with a multitude of career options.
My experience at Northeastern’ s summer program has impacted me immensely and helped me grow as an individual.”

Veda Bhalla
Engineering Innovation & Design, Summer ’19

“The Northeastern University Accelerate: Pre-College Programs offer more than just a look into a field of interest. I attended the Experiential Entrepreneurship (E2) Program at Northeastern this summer with the goal of learning skills on how to start a business in the future, a goal I hope to achieve. During the program I was able to work with professionals in the field, and network with many other aspiring entrepreneurs who attended the program. This fostered my communication and public speaking skills along with my ability to network and develop a pitch deck, an important skill which is necessary to any startup. I have been able to use these skills and experiences to further my my Junior research project at my school (The Academy for Science and Design), where I aim to design adaptive SCUBA Diving equipment for physically disabled divers like paraplegics and amputees. In addition, this program also provided an experience I hadn’t anticipated. My parents and I knew that I would be on my own on a college campus as high schooler for 3 weeks, and they were confident I would be able to handle it, but it still came with a lot of responsibility. I was in charge of myself, getting food, getting to class on time, laundry, and making decisions about how I would spend my time at the program. It was a great way to get immersed in the college life while still being a high schooler. The experience of having this inside look at the “college life” was enlightening and I feel it has helped shaped my expectations of what college will be like.”

Derek Bobbitt
Experiential Entrepreneurship, Summer ’18

“The BioE program at Northeastern was beyond amazing. To have students as in love with learning as I was all in one place, working together, having fun, and exploring the city made for an incomparable two weeks. The lectures were engaging, the professors were exciting, and we were learning simply for the sake of learning. Every morning, I’d walk down Huntington, past Northeastern’s Green line stop, and across the road to Marino for breakfast at Au Bon Pain. Other students would sometimes get up even earlier than me and jog around campus on those beautiful summer days. A typical academic day consisted of a morning lecture by one of our professors then different lab blocks before and after lunch. The labs were the absolute coolest part of the whole experience, and learning how to virtually create a prosthetic, hook up an EKG, and culture cells were only the tip of the iceberg. After we’d finished our work for the day, we had ample free time before and after dinner. Often, we would all hang out together in the common room, either watching episodes of Rick and Morty, playing games, or just getting to know each other. The weekend trips were also really great, and I loved going to Faneuil Hall and walking to the food trucks. Every time I think about my two weeks at Northeastern, I wish I could rewind back time and relive my experience a thousand times over. Two weeks was the perfect amount of time – not too short but long enough for me to get attached to Northeastern. It’s no wonder I’m going there for college.”

Christina Wheeler
BioE Summer Immersion program, Summer ’17

“Since I was young, I’ve always dreamed of starting a company. While my interests have changed and developed over the years, this goal has remained on my horizon. Because of this, I’ve taken entrepreneurship classes at school, but none have really taught me about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. When I heard about the E2 program at Northeastern, I was immediately captivated as it seemed much more practical than anything else I’d experienced before.
From the very first class to the final pitches, we were constantly developing our entrepreneurial skill sets. Class time was spent researching case studies on startups large and small, forming teams and ideating, and eventually narrowing down on beachhead market strategies. Unlike many other entrepreneurship classes and programs, we actually started our own companies with the help of Northeastern faculty, Level EDU, and seasoned entrepreneurs in the Boston area. We also took numerous trips around the city to visit modern startup companies. One trip, to Freight Farms, a company aiming to revolutionize the urban agriculture scene was particularly interesting. After talking with the co-founder and CEO, Brad McNamara, we learned about market strategies to disrupt an entire industry. Hearing their story, from a spark of an idea to success, was extremely transformative for us. We finally understood that the entrepreneurial mindset wasn’t one thing, but rather a bank of experiences and strategies to draw on in all processes of starting a business–whether it’s presenting a product to investors or pivoting a central idea in order to appeal to a broader market.
As I begin my college career at Northeastern, and life as a young adult, I will forever be able to utilize skills developed during the Experiential Entrepreneurship program.”

Jack Duval
Experiential Entrepreneurship, Summer ’17

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