Program Details

Information about upcoming virtual master classes will be posted soon.


  • What virtual programs will you be offering this year?
    • After a successful summer of virtual offerings in 2020, we are excited to continue to offer programming online throughout the academic year and into next summer. We will continue to update this page with the new programs, dates and format.
  • What virtual programs did you offer in the past?
    • Summer 2020, we piloted our first virtual pre-college programs. Students were able to enroll into a variety of Academic Immersion sessions, which consisted of 3-4 hours of intensive academic material in their subject of interest. Students could enroll in one or up to all programs. Additionally, students were given access to Northeastern specific programming including student panels and information sessions on different aspects of university life, as well as social programming.
  • What is the cohort size of the virtual programs?
    • Cohort size will vary depending on the virtual option. Master Classes will typically have larger classes, engaging more students in these lecture style experiences.
  • Who teaches the virtual programs?
    • The programs will be led by Northeastern faculty and may be supported by other instructors, graduate students, or TAs. Each program creates their own teaching structure to best fit the program.
  • Will you continue to offer virtual programs in the coming years?
    • Yes, Accelerate has always aimed to bring content online to connect with more students around the globe throughout the academic year. We’re excited by these current initiatives and to expand in the future.
  • How do you apply for a virtual program?
    • Applications vary depending on the type of virtual option—Master Classes will have a registration form with no application. We will update this section with more information about the application process soon.
  • Will the residential programs be online for summer 2021?
    • At this time, we are planning to run our summer residential programs as we have in previous years. We’ll continue to monitor the situation around COVID-19 to keep our community safe and healthy. Accelerate will make a final decision in early 2021 regarding summer programming.