Games in Extended Reality

Boston Campus Program— July 21- August 2, 2024

Open your eyes, ears, and mind to extended reality

Games in Extended Reality is for talented high school students interested in Extended Reality technologies such as Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality. This hands-on, project-based, cutting-edge program takes students through technical skills including scripting and coding, interaction design, and game system design. With those skills students will iteratively craft an immersive interactive experience incorporating feedback and critique from faculty and their peers. 

An inside look at Games in Extended Reality 

Learning Outcomes

Creativity and Innovation 

Describe current uses, strengths, and weaknesses of several emerging eXtended reality media technologies in games.

Programming Skills

Demonstrate through documented process work an understanding of environment, system, and interaction design.

Hands-on Projects Completed 

Apply common terminology used in VR development to effectively describe their own work.

Games/Design and Immersive Storytelling  

Differentiate between two common workflows in VR development.

Competency with XR Tools 

Discuss and critique VR games and experiences.

Sample Schedule

For an in-depth look at your day to day activities during the two-week Games in Extended Reality program, click the link below to download our full sample schedule.

This is for informational purposes only and is subject to change.

I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am for the opportunity. I applied for this program to further my understanding of Game Design. When I got accepted, I had no idea what would come out of those two weeks. It was my first time traveling alone, and I was extremely scared, but everyone at Northeastern helped me feel comfortable and made the trip from Chicago to Boston worth it! This program gave me a glance into what could be my future and I could not be any more grateful for this experience.

Atari B., Summer 2023

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Program Tuition

The program tuition is $6,695. This includes: program tuition, course materials, housing, meals, and social activities. We strive to make our programs financially accessible. All admitted students will be considered for need-based aid, and our financial aid awards are typically in the form of scholarships or program discounts.

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